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Personally speaking, the eighth episode of WandaVision is my favorite kind of chapter in a story like this — the one where they open the curtain and explain what has really been going on the entire time. At the end of “Previously On,” we understand how the reality of the sitcom emerged at the center of WandaVision.
We also learn a bit about our friend Agatha Harkness, although it is confusing. The episode begins with a flashback to Agatha’s time in Salem, Mass. The date given is 1693, which would place it right at the end of the historic Salem witch trials, but curiously there are no witch hunters in sight. This scene is purely a case of witch violence, as Agatha is contained by a group of witches led by her mother who are angry with her for stealing forbidden magical knowledge. They try to punish her from her by tying her to a stake and bombarding her with blue energy, but Agatha turns them around by changing the blue energy to her characteristic purple color and sucking the life out of them all.
The last line of this episode seems to indicate that Marvel witches have their own color schemes and that this is important. Does it matter if they match the Infinity Stones? Anti-Agatha witches use the blue from the Space Stone, Agatha wields the purple from the Power Stone, and Wanda’s magic is red like the Reality Stone. The Infinity Stones are destroyed, of course, and aren’t mentioned in this episode even in relation to Vision, so it’s probably safe to assume they’re not a factor in the future. But Agatha’s magic seems capable of dominating anyone else, and we see how Wanda rewrote reality. Food for thought, I suppose.
After the flashback, we are back in the basement of Agatha’s witch dungeon, where she taunts a restrained Wanda. Agatha reveals some magical underpinnings (she marked the room with runes, including one that looks suspiciously like an M, preventing others from casting magic in the vicinity) and an idea of ​​Pietro’s false situation. “Fietro,” as Agatha calls it, was apparently her eyes and ears, which we explicitly saw in last week’s mid-credits scene when she attacked Monica (no updates on that front by the way). Agatha says that she had to use the Evan Peters version because Aaron Taylor-Johnson Pietro is still a bullet-riddled corpse on a different continent and necromancy would be difficult even for her. But there is no real information on how Agatha brought him from another universe or, if it is just a human puppet that she disguised as Pietro, how she gave him his trademark super speed. The show feels caught between “too much explanation” and “not enough” in Quicksilver’s question, which is a strange place to be. There is magic involved, you don’t have to explain much! When you give me some details, I start to wonder what the others are.
As powerful as Agatha is, she is totally in awe of what Wanda has done to Westview. Feeling the power at work, she came and began to act like a fly in the salve to deconstruct the illusion and find out how Wanda was doing it. In that way, I guess she’s another audience surrogate, like Jimmy Woo and Darcy Lewis — WandaVision characters trying to figure out what’s going on with WandaVision. Good news for Agatha and us — this episode tells us a lot about how all of this happened.

Just like Monica woke up five years after the snap to find that her mother had slipped out of the hospital bed, Wanda woke up to find that Vision’s body was missing. In the process of investigating this, she discovers that her body is being held at S.W.O.R.D. campus. She shows up to see what the deal is, and the result is a truly disturbing scene in which she watches Vision’s body being taken apart, cut up, and dissected like S.W.O.R.D. try to find out what made this “sensitive weapon” work. Earlier in the season, Hayward told us that Wanda broke into the building and stole Vision’s body, but now we see that that’s not true. Faced with that horrifying vision of her lover’s corpse being ripped apart, Wanda retreated to the sitcoms that comforted her as a child in war-torn Sokovia and as a patient in HYDRA’s experiments with the Infinity Stone.
Given the deed to the vacant Westview property by Vision before his death, Wanda returned there in mourning, where her grief overwhelmed her and created a source of power that turned the entire city into the Dick Van Dyke Show in black and white style and also recreated Vision completely from scratch. That is why her body disintegrated when she tried to leave the hex on Halloween: it literally does not exist outside of him. Or rather, she does, just not like that, since Wanda never took on Vision’s body, that means S.W.O.R.D. has had it all the time. And now, as we see in the mid-credits scene, they can finally activate it with some of Wanda’s magic juice that she left in various artifacts. That creates a pretty exciting possibility for the WandaVision finale: Wanda vs. Vision!

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But even after an entire episode of reveals, many questions remain, and there is only one episode left to solve! If the Vision of WandaVision is completely an illusion created by the power of Wanda, what is the deal with those children? It was strange enough when we thought they were the children of a woman and a robot. Are we now going to believe that they too are illusions? If so, why is Agatha so obsessed with them? Given all these questions, finishing the penultimate episode about the revelation that Wanda is Scarlet Witch felt pretty weak. Sure, maybe they just called her “Wanda” on screen, but we all know her superhero name from hers! Ah well, I suppose any ending would have paled in comparison to “Agatha All Along.” Chancellor’s Take: I admit it, I’m heartbroken by this episode. On the one hand, I loved the performances of Elizabeth Olsen and Kathryn Hahn. Hahn masterfully chewed the stage as Virgil to Wanda’s Dante, guiding Wanda through the emotional hell of her past, and making very sweaty and uncomfortable lines over the “runes” that actually sing. In terms of Olsen, she has done a great job of blending this undercurrent of sadness into her performance throughout the season, and it was very moving to see the entire bubble of pain surface in flashbacks. Olsen really blew me away in the scenes where she describes her pain as a wave to Vision, and when she finally creates the hex; you could feel her pain. On the other hand, I can’t help but wonder if the show could have introduced these flashbacks in a bolder and more interesting way. WandaVision’s aesthetic choices, classic sitcom tributes, have been a big part of her appeal up to this point, especially since she’s been holding so many basic things we need to know about the show so close to her vest. The memory palace trick with many doors just didn’t work for me because it felt so conventional. (The mid to late 2010s definitely had its fair share of sad sitcoms, or there are a few dramas that could have been referenced.) All that said, “Previously On” worked for me on an emotional level, which I guess is what counts the most. Wandavision has largely been hinting at how much pain is at the heart of the story, and this episode got completely there. Hello everyone, and welcome to your weekly recap of the wildness that happened on the latest episode of WandaVision. These are meant to be read after you watch them, so they will be getting into spoiler territory. You have been warned! Last week on WandaVision … It was Agnes the whole time! Well, a lot more happened than that. The show adopted a Modern Family aesthetic, Wanda saw through her fake surrogate brother, Vision learned of her death, and Monica Rambeau likely gained superpowers. But Agnes! The biggest reveal from last week was that this show had an antagonist the entire time and it wasn’t Wanda! (Except, let’s get real here. It still has to be a bit of Wanda, right?)

The most witchy witch
The obsession of this episode to relive the past does not begin with Wanda, but with Agnes herself when we witness her origin. We cut to Salem in the days when being a witch in Salem was a very bad idea. Agnes is being dragged against her will to a stake in the middle of a clearing. The twist is that her captors are not Puritans, but other witches, led by her own mother.
Turns out Agnes is simply too much of a witch for these other witches to handle. She broke her witch rules and now she must face witch punishment. Then they all shot him with witchcraft power. Agnes pretends it hurts at first, but then she absorbs all that power, draining these witches of her age and life. Even poor mom. Because we don’t know what rules she broke or even what moral basis these witches represent, I couldn’t help but side with Agnes a bit here.
How does she do it?
But then I remember Agnes kidnapped Wanda’s children and killed her dog and aside from the complicated question of whether that animal or those children exist, Agnes’s antagonism comes into focus again. We return to the present where Agnes has Wanda in her witch house, forced not to use her own powers by a series of runes on the walls. Agnes’ goal is simple. The levels of power displayed by Westview’s creation surprised her and she needs to understand how she was achieved.
Think about that for a moment. Centuries of being a powerful witch, but Agnes doesn’t understand how Wanda was able to achieve something so great. So she intends to find out by threatening Wanda’s family. This seems reckless, like a fly taunting the spider. Agnes is standing on the tiger’s neck, which Dominic Toretto may tell her is not a good idea.
But that’s for next week’s episode. This week does not take the form of a specific sitcom, but instead embodies a frequent sitcom trope: the flashback episode. Agnes and Wanda go through various events in her life to learn the secret of her powers. We start with her childhood, discovering that she and her brother learned English by watching old comedies with her parents. She is very smart, although maybe they could have been a little less horny with Wanda’s people. They look like one of those hipster couples blogging about “grinding” on a new farm while still making like $ 200,000 a year from their remote marketing jobs.
You could say, “Idiot show! We already know the secret of Wanda’s powers! She gave them an infinity stone. “ Turns out that’s not entirely true. The big reveal (well, one of them) is that Wanda had these powers the entire time, almost as if she had an evolved genetic mutation or something. The stone only focused and amplified what was already within it. The following flashback jumps back to her days of experimentation with Hydra, where we see the stone respond to Wanda, filling her with power and a glimpse of her future form as a superhero in disguise. Neither did the leather jacket costume.
Miss misery
The question of whether WandaVision had a villain was always a curious one, as the show seemed intensely focused on a character’s expression of pain. No villain was really necessary. Still, we ended up with one after all. I’m sure all of this will be fixed next week, but the show’s morale is turning murky as a result.
Moving the antagonism to Agnes takes her one step away from holding Wanda responsible for the kidnapping of a city full of innocent people. This episode goes even further in that direction by focusing so much on Wanda’s tortured existence. Her life thus far is a series of major losses: first her parents, then her brother, and finally her lover Her Vision, whom we see comforting her in the Avengers compound after the events of Avengers. : Age of Ultron.
Then we see how Wanda’s transformation of Westview was (what seems like) a somewhat unexpected outpouring of pain, rather than a methodical pruning of other people’s lives. Wanda visits SWORD to claim Vision’s body for her burial, a task that some Avenger should have warned her would not end well. As the increasingly despicable Hayward reminds him, Vision is her property and he does not belong to her. We also learn that the increasingly despicable Hayward lied about Wanda having stolen Vision’s body. The Westview Vision came 100% from Wanda herself.